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The Roxy Theater is owned and operated by the Fire Mountain Arts Council, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dependent upon our donors and volunteers. Donations are tax deductible.

Since funding for arts education in our schools and cultural opportunities in our communities have declined, Fire Mountain Arts Council has been able to grow and serve an expanding audience that is eager for more! The generosity of our sponsors is critical for quality programming, continued theater operation, and scholarships.

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Season Corporate Sponsors

These sponsors receive:

  • A color insert in the event programs, recognizing Season Corporate Sponsors (approximately 6,000 printed per season).
  • Recognition of your business for the entire year:
    • In the donor display cabinet in the Roxy Theater Lobby.
    • On the Roxy Theater website
    • In the slide show played prior to each movie shown at the Roxy and complimentary show tickets.
  • The knowledge that your tax-deductible contribution will be carefully managed to meet the Arts Council’s mission, enriching our community through the arts.
  • No further solicitations from productions or events hosted at the Roxy Theater or Tiller Arts Center.
  • And let’s not underestimate – that warm feeling of doing good for your community.

Show or Event Sponsors

Sponsorship includes name recognition in our event programs. We encourage our audience and members to patronize our business sponsors.

Roxy Renovation

The Roxy Theater underwent a dramatic transformation and renovation during 2003-2007. We continue to acknowledge the support of our original donors who made the dream of theater a reality in our Morton community.

2014 Fundraising Drive: Burn the Mortgage​

Mission Accomplished! The Roxy Theater is free and clear! Thank you for supporting YOUR community theater!

2013 Fundraising Drive: Digital or Dark

Digital Projection is coming to the Roxy! Thank you to our wonderful community of your support. 

2020 Corporate Season Sponsors